New55 FILM


New55 is a new, instant positive-negative (PN) system that produces a high quality 4×5 black and white negative, and a positive print.  It is not a recreation of Polaroid Type 55.  It is a new, single shot system that incorporates a negative material, a processing pod, a special positive receiver sheet, and other components needed [...]

Baby Gangster


Baby Gangster from Luke Monaghan on Vimeo . “I was intrigued by a man who had spent all of his drug money on his art: lowriding,” says British director Luke Monaghan of the towering Fredrick James Staves, the reformed 1980s Los Angeles drug kingpin and customized car aficionado, also known as Baby Gangster. Shooting all around Compton and Inglewood with [...]

R&B 1972-1982 ~ April 26th


Taking a photograph of a singer on stage is the easy part. The hard part is gaining the trust. This body of work is about R&B and Soul music as seen through the lens of a young African-American photographer at the start of his career. From 1972-1982, Bruce Talamon was documenting the rehearsals and sound [...]

This Crazy Life April 26th


Opening April 26th at New Image Art in West Hollywood “This Crazy Life” featuring the works of Gregory Bojorquez, Michael Vasquez and Patrick Martinez. Gregory Bojorquez ( LATACO feature ) photographs strong portraits of fellow Los Angelino’s. Bojorquez compositions contain an honest intensity of L.A. life in the hood. On exhibit will be a rare large-scale collage measuring 3’ [...]

Rebel Sciences Photography


The RebelSciences blog has been going strong with a daily dose of dope, random photography by Los Angeles based photographer Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin a.k.a. Nonstndrd (work feat. on Dpreview Connect , L.A. Taco , and Photophique .). It also happens to be a Tumblr, so make sure to follow if that’s your thing. The full blog can be found at: [...]

Frida Kahlo, Her Photos at MOLAA


Frida Kahlo, Her Photos presents over 200 images from Frida Kahlo’s personal Casa Azul archive in Mexico City. This exhibition includes images of Frida, by Frida and for Frida. Represented here are family photographs—both traditional portrait photography and candid shots at the Casa Azul—to mementos of pain, love, and her worldly artistic, intellectual and political life. This selection from [...]