Capturing Life by Edward Conde

Please introduce yourself and give us some background on your photography.

Hello, I’m Edward Conde. I have a passion for photography and I’m obsessed about “Capturing Life” on the streets. It started a few years ago when I went downtown with a couple of friends to shoot around and since then, I have been hooked on L.A and on Street Photography. I started out with digital but last year made the jump to film. I am probably shooting 90% film and 10% digital these days. My photographic style is an unobtrusive, observer-like. I tend to hang back, watching the scene as it presents itself in front of me. I love to shoot wide so my Olympus XA4 is always with me.

What do you love about photography in Los Angeles?

What I love about photography in Los Angeles, is that photography introduced me to Los Angeles. Photography made me obsessed with Los Angeles. That’s what I love about it! It introduced me to the diverse cultures, the architecture and history of Los Angeles. From Hollywood, to Little Tokyo, to the always funky Arts District and everything in between.  Before photography, Los Angeles was just another big city. It was a city that I worked in. It was the city of my favorite baseball team. It was the city I would drive through when heading south on the freeway. It was not a place I would visit for fun and walk around.  Photography changed all that. It opened my eyes to what this city has to offer. It made me look at Los Angeles differently.

What is your film photography set up like? Any favorite cameras or films?

I shoot a mix of 35mm & Medium Format bodies from Point & Shoots, Rangefinders, and SLR/TLRs. My favorites at the moment are Olympus XA4 and the Yashica Electro for 35mm! The XA4 has a wide 28mm that is just awesome and sharp! The Yashica is a classic rangefinder with a sharp legendary lens and is just a blast to use. On the medium format front the Fujifilm GA645 & Lomo LC-A 120 are getting a lot of work and really excited about the results. Favorite color films so far are Kodak Ektar, Color Plus 200 & Portra 400. On the BW side I like Fomapan Classic 100, Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100, Kodak 5222 (BWxx), Tri-x 400 and T-Max 400.

What is your favorite part of Los Angeles to photograph and why?

This is a tough one. There are so many areas that I have yet to photograph in L.A. If I had to pick one area I would say Downtown L.A., specifically the areas around Broadway, Spring and the numbered streets. There is just so much going on there. Like the mural on Spring St. that I like to call “HER” or the Last Book Store that is off Broadway where you find different people shopping for new and used books or records like the Cowboy I photographed. The changes that DTLA is going through is amazing to watch.  Like the image of the taco shop on Broadway. This little stand is nestled between luxury high rise and a some fancy restaurant. I wonder how long it will be there. BTW the tacos are pretty good there too 🙂

What are you working on now, any upcoming shows or projects?

I don’t have any specific projects running at the moment. This year has been pretty much all about experimenting with different film types and brands. I have a few ideas on some personal projects/series that I will be starting next year.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Yes! Thank you for the interview! I am truly humbled for this opportunity. If I can I would like to take moment and thank my family for letting me get out as much as I do to shoot the streets of L.A. Big shout out to my crew of photog buddies that I count on for honest critiques, opinions about my work and just everyday life.

If you want to know more about me and my photography, you can go to I have links there to all my social networks. Let’s connect and share!