City of Vernon by Scott Hurst

We asked our good buddy Scott Hurst (here’s a link to his previous interview on the site, what he has been up to lately and he was kind enough to submit this photoessay on the city of Vernon. Enjoy and be sure to follow his work on Instagram at :@negativeone2

Are these photographs a continuation of your project on Vernon that you mentioned in our last interview?
Yes, I’m still down in Vernon photographing every week and will probably be down there for as long as I live in Los Angeles. Just last weekend I ran into Anthony Hernandez behind a fence and in some bushes in an abandoned lot. He let me take a photo of him holding his tripod with his Hasselblad, it was quite the thrill. Vernon always delivers for me…I run into strange characters, trains are clanking by, planes zooming overhead, birds of all varieties in the river, broken down industrial waste and junk everywhere, it’s dangerous, I really love it.
I probably have a few books worth of good material just of Vernon at this point. I have about 90 images compiled for book number one that my friend Winston has had for about a year, I need to get them back…which leads to the next question.

Care to share the film/camera combination used for this set?
I’ve been shooting 90% of my stuff with a Leica M2, given to me by the friend that I just mentioned. I have a Voigtlander 35mm 1.7 screwmount lens on it with an adapter. I also use a Leica SL, also given to me by someone and a Fuji 6×7 rangefinder that I’ve had for about ten years. I was shooting strictly Kodak Ektar, but I’m mixing in some cheaper Agfa Vista 200 and recently I went to Japan and shot a lot of Fuji Natura 1600…can’t wait to see how that stuff turns out. I’ve got two more batches of 25 rolls or so coming in the mail, all from last year, plus forty some rolls shot in Japan last November to get processed, so I’m keeping my lab busy and maxing my already maxed out credit cards.

You’re one of the more prolific shooters out here in LA that we know of, what inspires you to stay so dedicated to your work?

For me there’s no debate of what to do with free time. I don’t have friends that I hang out with, I go shoot. It’s the first thing I think of when I’m not working, what’s the weather like? How’s the light? How much time do I have? How much film do I have? How far can I go? I typically start out down in Vernon, or around there and work my way back to downtown for a late lunch, shoot on Broadway a little or head to Hollywood or Rodeo Drive, lately though I’ve been running into and seeing so many photographers in those locations that it seems redundant to be documenting the same things as everyone else. I think that’s another reason I love Vernon, I only run into taggers and homeless people, railroad workers and meat packers, cops and security guards, bird watchers, train spotters and those are the kinds of people I want to run into most of the time. My girlfriend is awesome and she supports me going out when I can or when I need to, so that’s great too, she’s like it’s a nice day, go to Vernon…just don’t bring back more rusty junk for the apartment haha.

Thanks as always for the incredible work, anything else you would like to share?
I’d like to thank you guys for working hard as well and keeping photography in the consciousness of Los Angeles…people need to see their city, all aspects of it, especially the parts they ignore or don’t notice and LA is fucking insane, super interesting, and really changing rapidly into blandness…most people don’t care or don’t notice, but somebody needs to and I guess that’s us.