Film Essay: Velvia 100

Early this year I acquired some film from a fellow photographer friend of mine. Ten rolls of expired Fuji Velvia 100 slide film or reversal film as it is referred to. I had previously used slide film about 10 years ago and liked the results that came from it. I’ve used a method called cross-processing which you develop your reversal film in the wrong chemicals to creating unpredictable and interesting results.

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With this new acquired film batch you would think I would have been excited to shoot it and use up all my rolls. To be honest I sat on the batch for close to four months. I was shooting with some other color films and developing my black & white rolls that I sort of pushed it to the side. Maybe I was subconsciously waiting on that moment I would start shooting with it.

I do not know the exact date I started using the film, but in a month’s time I went thru all 10 rolls of film. Shooting with two cameras: an Olympus OM 1 and a Canon Autoboy 2. These two cameras are my go to’s. Each yield there own results that I have learned to adjust too. Especially with the Autoboy. It is the perfect camera for me in any scenario.

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My routine as photographer is to shoot and sit on my rolls for close to 6 months or even a year. Instead with the slide film I’ve decided to develop theses rolls of film immediately. Seeing the results of what I created was key. I needed to know what I was producing and if I was happy with those results. Make adjustments and move forward with more work.

You will see the results of my work in the upcoming Snapshot zine release “Film Battle”. Featuring film photography work from our collective members and some special guests. I will bring more of theses photo essays showing my results of the film I use or have been suggested to try out. It is process I am embracing and I look forward to bringing more of them to our readers.