Issue 03: Film Battle

Issue 03: Film Battle

Shoot what ya got

A battle, as stated, is a conflict, or struggle in order to achieve something.

For your viewing pleasure we’re proud to present Snapshot Galleria Issue 03: Film Battle! The concept came about after some brainstorming with the members of our collective. The participants were given a deadline to shoot one roll of film of their choosing and submit between 5 and 7 images from the roll.  From there we just compiled the results to publish online for our readers.

The act of self editing and cautious selection is one type of  battle we all face as photographers. The other battle present in this issue is between the participants. Armed with their weapon (film selection) of choice, four photographers stepped onto the streets to show what they could do with one roll of film…

Normally in any battle there is a winner and a loser but in this particular case, FILM WINS! This issue is an enticing look at how our contemporaries use different film emulsions to create their work, a curated selection of photographs from collective members, Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin, Luis Torres, Erwin Recinos and special guest, George Buchholz.

The primary goal, like the previous issues of Snapshot Galleria, is to showcase our mutual appreciation of film and to produce great photography.

Contributing Photographers

Erwin Recinos is a busy man. In addition to being a co-founder of Snapshot Galleria, he somehow finds time to shoot for L.A. Taco, process and develop his own film, and know literally every street artist in the City of Angels. More of his work can be found at @losojosdemuerte

Luis Torres is based in Echo Park, Los Angeles and travels to some pretty amazing places with his camera. Whether in LA or traveling internationally, his photography captures his surroundings from a unique perspective that is impossible to replicate. You can find more of his work at

George Buccholz is a really talented young photographer representing the Bay Area (San Francisco). We came across his work via instagram and reached out to him for an interview last month. That turned out so nicely that we asked him to contribute to this issue and he did not disappoint. You can find more of his work at his website,

Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin is a Los Angeles based urban photographer and co-founder of Snapshot Galleria. His work can be found at The Los Angeles Recordings, a site focused on the landscape and people of Koreatown, Hollywood, Downtown, and all areas in between.