Just Kidz by Reserve Result

Back in 2012, Quam Odunsi (Reserve Result) was the first photographer we interviewed for Snapshot Galleria. 3 years and 2 websites later, we’re excited that he agreed to share some of his current work and talk to us once again about his work as an artist.

Please introduce yourself to our audience? Would you mind explaining the meaning behind your pseudonym, Reserve Result?

I’m artist Quam Odunsi, and my work consist of vintage photography, collage, silkscreen, painting, film, and sculpture that engenders nostalgia while simultaneously remaining contemporary.  Reserve Result is derived from the inter-working of the left- and right-side of my brain. The Reserve is used to protect your asset in a Balance Sheet, and Result is the desirable and ultimate outcome of my artwork. The Reserve Result is the process and conclusion of my creativity.

Walk us through your creative approach to photography, what inspires you to make pictures? Any favorite film/camera combinations?

The core and approach to all of my work is an underlying narrative, whether in Stills or Motion. I always come from a narrative direction and clear intention. Whether it’s obvious and accessible to the masses or not. The initial creation starts from that core center, and the process and content align and follow that thought. Currently, I do not have any favorite film and camera combination. I favor the combination that paints what I want – which is usually slide film and large-format cameras.

As an artist, you work in a wide range of different mediums, often blending several of them. How does photography fit into your overall workflow?

Photography is my research tool and spring board that starts the work for me. It helps me visualize my thought and concept and paints the work for me. I always use film for my Gallery exhibitions and digital for commercial and campaign work. But I always have film images from all of my shoots — regardless of the end result. I’m always shooting and documenting, it’s an extension of who I am and the space I occupy.

Tell us about your “Just Kidz” project?

The Just Kidz artwork is an exhibition of debauchery and consists of close friends, lovers and social acquaintances —- from Brazilian [artist] Lluy Rodrigues, [stripper] Kukla Angel Hamovikyan, to [recording artist] Chris Brown — which demonstrates excess indulgence of sensual pleasures and corruption. I dig these people, and enjoy fucking around with them.

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How would you describe your relationship to the city of Los Angeles? What inspires you to create work here?

I live and work in Los Angeles, and truth be told, and don’t consciously look for inspiration in Los Angeles. But el lay seeps into me and indirectly feeds me.  Access to material and experts inspires me to create work in el lay.

Any thoughts on the newfound attention Los Angeles is beginning to attract as a center for creativity?

Los Angeles has always been the center of creativity. el lay has it all. The creative occupancy surge is due to New Yorkers — galleries and artists — chasing down the cash, and creating Satellite spaces in el lay to maintain and increase their revenue. Keeping up with the latest artists, migrating collectors and available real estate — with lower overhead and higher margin. More space for your buck, than New York.

Final thoughts? Upcoming projects, shows, or anything else that you would like to mention?

I’ve been researching and quietly creating Polaroids with #BlackLivesMatter Name Tags to illuminate the African-American victims of Police-shooting, and hate-crime killing of the Charleston, S.C. 9.  The individual Polaroid is an image of a black gallery wall — that I shot of the now defunct and closed Perry Rubinstein Gallery.  I’m transferring the Polaroids and Name Tags onto individual Transparency Film and currently in the process of installing all twenty-three transparency film at a determined location – with the design guidance of friend and architect Brandon Shigeta, and I’ll leave it at that.

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You can find more work by Reserve Result on his Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.