Kodak Color Pro 200

Conversations with other photographers are the best, especially when you talk about purchasing film. A few weeks ago the Snapshot crew (Luis and Kwasi) and I met for a bite in Chinatown at Burger Lords. With our busy schedules it’s great to meet up and brainstorm. At this particular meeting Luis and I discussed purchasing film on eBay and I mentioned my latest purchase, Kodak Color Pro 200. Surprisingly he also made a purchase of this same film type. It was definitely great to hear his take, it made me feel a lot better about my purchase.
I had never heard of this film type. I made a blind purchase on this lot of expired film: 8 rolls from 2012 with 36 exposures for less then $30 bucks. Why not, right? I proceeded to shoot it on my 35mm Canon FTb using a 28mm lens. After a few days I sent the film to get developed with some other rolls I had shot. After a few hours I received my rolls and from what I could tell, so far so good. Next up was scanning to see the results of my labor.
I was pleasantly surprised. The tones were warm and familiar. This particular roll had some early morning light in DTLA. It also had shots from a walk down Hill Street and Broadway near Pershing Square. I caught some afternoon light near 9th street as well. I particularly enjoy the oranges and red tones. They hold a fixture for me in the photos, an anchor to what I will shoot next. Color photography has that added element, another ingredient to the scene that black and white does not. I will be developing more rolls of this film soon. I’ll post more of my results on my Instagram account if you’d like to see more results from this film.