Kodak Gold 200 Review


This is a review of a widely available, fairly cheap, consumer grade film that I had completely forgotten about…Kodak Gold 200. Years ago, this was one of my favorite emulsions but then, as I started to experiment with other films it got tossed to the wayside. It wasn’t until I was scanning some old negatives a few weeks ago that I remembered how fantastic it was. But once I did, I promptly bought a few rolls at Freestyle Photographic Supplies in Hollywood to see if it still had it’s charm. I’ll go over the results in this mini-review but please keep in mind, I’m not trying to present a technical evaluation of the film stock. I’m just presenting a few thoughts on shooting 36 frames with a particular film.


A little bit of set-up. I shot the Kodak Gold 200 with my Contax T2 and overexposed the entire roll by 1 stop, which I do with pretty much every film I shoot. The weather conditions were ideal as it was a classically bright afternoon in Southern California. I didn’t really come across any particularly challenging but I gotta say, this film really shines in great light. It has very minimal grain and renders images with a clarity that I absolutely love. Plus it still has that classic Kodak color, which is awesome when applied to almost anything. 

As with all of my film, I had this processed by Richard Photo Lab and other than very, very slight exposure corrections, crops, or rotations in Lightroom, they are straight out of the camera. I would highly recommend giving this stock a spin if for some reason you haven’t before (or if, like me you just haven’t in a while). It’s cheap and bound to exceed your expectations!