Kodak Plus-X 125

Recently, I purchased a new camera to replace another that I regularly used. I paid twenty dollars for a used Konica C35 AF2 with a leather case, all in great condition. I brought some batteries with me so I could test the cameras, to see if any work. In a short few minutes the camera was clicking away. Flash charged and fired. I was sold. Finding a new camera is a scavenger hunt at thrift store. I enjoy the process.

The next step in this process is testing. From studying the camera it only has a film range of 100 to 400 iso. I used a roll of Kodak Color Pro 200 (link here) as a tester. I shoot the roll but did not develop right away. Instead I want to shoot another roll of black and white that I can develop at home. I then remember I had some Kodak black and white film a friend of mine recently gave me. He said that he wasn’t so sure about the film. It was an expired uncut roll of Kodak Plus-X 125 ASA that he acquired and he re-rolled the film into used canister of color film. I wasn’t losing much on this test so I started to shoot.

Shooting with the Konica is being with an old familiar friend. It reminded me of the Canon Autoboy 2 that I used. The build on this camera is has some nice weight to it. Focus and exposure are all automatic so composing your shot is the main objective when shooting with this camera. When I finished my rolls it was time to develop. Nothing special in development time for two rolls of the Kodak Plus-X.

Now remember when I mentioned my friend re-rolled the Plus-X into color canisters. Well that was a bad move. Apparently the silver and black pattern on the canisters (DX code) exposed exactly to what film has coded too. Yeah! I did get 36 frames from my testing and here are some of my results. I’ve never used this film before and from the looks of it, and from what I have read on the web it does not look like I will be able to again. Another film no longer in development.