Looking Back at LBZinefest 2015

Last year was the inaugural opening of LBZinefest. It was held at MOLAA in the East Village Arts District of Long Beach. This was my first time as an actual vendor at a zine or diy publisher event. I was seated next to seasoned zinesters and collectives. It can be a bit intimidating. Lots of expectations are set upon you before the event even takes place. At least that’s what I think. I am very self critical and expect only the best or to create the best. Its a vicious cycle but I am working on it.

Prepping for this event takes time but also patience and planning. You want to create so many zines. The ideas are flooding your conscious. At times ambition can exceed your funds. For last years LBZinefest I created two zines and help push another I helped curate. All three were solid and well received. My daughter Rosie was there to help and also keep my spirits high when there was down time. It was a great bonding moment for both or us until she got tired. So her grandmother came by and swooped her up. I was by myself. No longer calm.

The show went on and I met some great people, exchange hand shakes and engage in conversations. People ask about your work and want to know the who, why and how. Definitely a great experience for any reserved artist. Putting yourself out there behind a table expressing why someone should buy your stuff is a bit scary but it creates dialog and gets you to be more open and conscious of your work and how it is represented. Here are some photos of the folks that walked by my table and engaged with me. The experience was more rewarding then I can express. I definitely look forward to being there again this year bringing Snapshot Galleria to the masses of LBZinefest 2016.