Olympus 35RC Field Test

I recently acquired a camera that I’ve been after for a long time, the diminutive yet versatile Olympus 35RC. From afar it always seemed like it had the potential to be the ultimate small rangefinder and I had been itching to acquire some old Olympus glass for a while (my first camera was a Pen FT). So needless to say I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to pick one up for $50. Of course I had to keep my initial excitement under control until I shot the test roll because although everything looked good, we all know that looks can be very deceiving when it comes to older cameras. So I loaded up a 24 exposure roll and set out to give it a spin…
The 35RC can be operated on Auto (which uses the meter) or on manual in which you set the exposure yourself. A bonus about the manual mode is that the camera can be used without a battery. The viewfinder is bright and displays both the aperture and shutter speed being used, which is pretty remarkable considering the size of the camera. The rangefinder patch is easy enough to see and focus with. No complaints on that end either.

The images in this post are from the test roll and were shot on a walk through the neighborhood in one day. I shot Agfa Vista 200 and alternately overexposed it a stop or 2 to test things out. I’ll let the images speak for themselves but I’m personally impressed by the image quality and can’t wait to burn through some more film in a more thoughtful manner. Overall a highly recommended gem definitely worth picking up!