One Year Later

It’s the beginning of a new year and I’m developing my rolls of film. That’s right I’m developing a lil over 60 rolls of mixed colored film and over 50 rolls of black and white film. This has been my routine for the last two years now. I shoot roll after roll, occasionally developing here and there throughout the year to see some results. It’s a strange process. Not allot of folks do this. What am I going for?


In the time I have been documenting I’ve become more interested in the process of taking images. Concentrating on composition and imagery. I’ve been shooting for sometime now that my direction and focus has shifted. Shifted in manner that is comfortable in my routines and also being critical of how and why am I taking this photo. Is this the best position for this photo? Is there another vantage point I haven’t seen. These are critical questions I ask myself within seconds. At times its spot on and others the moment or scene has passed me by. Here is a small glimpse of the work I am currently developing. Two frames from two rolls of film. I have more images on my Instagram page that I share more regularly if your interested in seeing more.