Issue 03: Film Battle!


This past Wednesday we were excited to release our 3rd online issue, titled Film Battle. The concept was simple, get some of our members and friends to shoot whatever they wanted on a roll of any film and submit 5-7 photographs. Not only did the participants submit some really incredible work, but the issue itself took on a life of it’s own. One of the reasons this issue resonates is that with the dominance of digital photography and the invention of products like VSCO (not a knock on them, just an observation), we’ve become unaccustomed to seeing various film stocks side by side with one another. When viewed collectively in Issue 03, the differences in tone, grain (or in the case of the Velvia 100, the lack thereof), and other visual characteristics are so apparent that it’s amazing that these images are all shot on the same format (35mm). It’s also apparent how much further digital film emulations need to go to be anywhere close to what film actually looks like.

So enjoy our Film Battle issue and remember, for the money that you spend trying to replicate that “film” look, you could actually buy a dope used film camera (on eBay or KEH) and shoot with the genuine article.