So we officially live in the era of Resistance. I’ve been struggling to come up with something to write about our recent election and the turmoil that has been unleashed since our 45th President was elected. It’s difficult to focus on film photography when your country is on fire. Now that the dust has settled a bit and a crystal clear picture of what we’re up against has come into focus, a way forward has revealed itself. In this age of unrepresentative media and unresponsive government the role of documentary photography has never been more vital.

First of all, my very existence is Resistance.

That’s the reality of being Black in America and the election didn’t change that. Specifically as a Black photographer, I occupy a space where I’m not particularly well represented so I’m used to pushing back against unseen obstacles. In fact, it has become 2nd nature. I take pictures because it is critical that marginalized populations document their own experiences instead of waiting for outsiders to define them. The ambition to control the narrative goes hand in hand with controlling one’s destiny. I see this as the only way to combat the mainstream media’s tendency to paint people of color with exceedingly broader and broader strokes.

To a certain extent, this is what Snapshot Galleria has always been about. We’re 3 photographers of color who focus on shooting the Los Angeles that exists on the fringes. We Resist by producing photography that contradicts the bullshit reality our President seems intent on pushing. The city we love is literally built on the values this administration seems intent on destroying, we ain’t going down without a fight…