Snapshot Meets Frankie C.


Introduce yourself to our Snapshot readers and tell us your favorite camera and film type.

What up Snapshot readers, I go by Meet Frankie C. I own about 30 different cameras and primarily shoot with a Ricoh KR-5 III and my Minolta 7000 Maxxum. This particular camera was a gift from a 60 yr old woman. My favorite type of film is Ilford HP5 Plus.

Tell me about your series “Americana”.

The “Americana” series came about through the discovery of certain recurring aesthetics in the imagery I was producing. They were never intended to be a collection until I started to put together the imagery that I felt related or complimented one another which for me created that nostalgic feeling.

Can you share a story about one of the photos in this feature.

The man with the arm sticking out is titled “Babe Ruth”. I had just arrived in San Francisco and was taking a walk when I noticed this beautiful classic car. What did it for me was style of dress of the man and the woman in the car. It was perfect. I started running towards them as I was too far from range. Soon as I got to the corner I was getting my camera out. The light turned green which gave the them the right of way. I raised my camera and had 2 seconds to adjust and fire off one shot. This capture to me is incredible. The following week I developed the roll the image was in. I instantly fell in love. That same week and I met this random lady where I used to work. I asked her “Do you like art?” She replied yes and was curious why I asked her. I then started to talk about the image I took the previous week and she asked to see it. She fell in love with the picture as I did. This random lady was a director for CBS and was in LA working on a show titled “Vegas”. From that chance meeting she purchased 20 images of mine for that show. Kind of took off from there.


“Babe Ruth” as part of the Americana Series by Frankie C.

How do you use film photography in your regular visual storytelling?

Some people may or may not understand but when I’m shooting film I think of scenes from movies. I try to capture the raw essence of anything I shoot. Film has always allowed me to give my work that depth, emotion and substance.

I know you shoot regularly with your digital camera. How do you decided a photo is going to be captured with digital or film?

I carry both digital and film. For some reason I shoot film for more personal keeps. I share them on occasion for websites and Instagram. For the most part I use film for my personal archive.

Describe what it is like to photograph on the streets of Los Angeles.

It’s a very humbling experience. Not to sound cheesy but I feel one with the people. My mind is constantly running with different angles. I think about the next person I’m going to meet and how our conversation will go. It’s fulfilling to me.

Where is your favorite section of Los Angeles to photograph? And why?

I love walking around 7th and Metro area. I really enjoy the traffic of people that pass through. It’s a very diverse corner and I like that.

Are you currently working on any other film projects that we should know about?

Well I have an announcement to make sometime next week which I am excited about. It’s a project with the City of Pacoima in which I have 2 film images that are included.

If you had to choose one over the other (film or digital), which would it be and why?

I feel like there’s a time and place for both. I enjoy shooting film for the mystery behind it and sometimes I want to shoot digital because I get immediate results. However, film low key is the best shit ever.

You can see more of Frankie C.’s work via his website, and also on his Instagram page.