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Photograph by Luis Torres

The way that a photograph can be seen and interpreted by a person is almost infinite. From meaningless Instagrams to large format masterpieces, the true power of an image comes not from the tool used, but from the person using it and their motivation for doing so. To anyone who takes photography seriously this is obvious but for the vast majority of the population this concept is not universally appreciated. Here at Snapshot Galleria we are proponents of an authentic, street focused, photographic narrative that goes far deeper than the stereotypical imagery normally associated with life in Los Angeles. The work in our first two issues touched on that focus but in order to take it further, we need YOUR help!

We’re looking to expand our ranks and would like to see and promote what other like minded photographers are doing in the City of Angels with film photography. If you are interested in submitting to Snapshot Galleria (to either be interviewed or featured in an upcoming issue), drop us a line at with a link to your work (no file attachments please).  And of course, it MUST be shot on film!