Subsequently Snapshot

It’s been over a year now since the relaunch of Snapshot Galleria. We started back in late 2013 focusing on digital and mobile photography. Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin and I both respectively were using that platform more than film. We even received a feature on DPReview Connect from our escapades. With some perspective by Kwasi, we took a step back, re-examined our passions and thoughts about the current state of photography in Los Angeles. Specifically film photography. This process led us to consensus that our work has a singular voice.

A voice that comes from Angelenos that have been molded by this city.

We have seen it’s good and it’s bad. We look to preserve those scenes by documenting its blemishes and imperfections. Our work is filtered and conscious. Film photography, a breathing entity that members of this collective constantly nurture and feed. It’s our vessel. Each photograph. Each post. A reminder to us and to others that film photography is a medium kept alive by its caretakers. Evolution is the next step for our collective. To move in the direction of printed material for consumption. Visual stimuli that will plant a seed to others that film photography is thriving in the digital age.