The Making of All City

At the beginning of 2017 Snapshot Galleria held it’s 1st group show at Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights. Running for the month of January, All City was an collaborative portrait of Los Angeles, shot on film by 4 photographers that are from LA. Featuring the work of Christian Arias, Erwin Recinos, Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin, and Luis Torres, the show presented the city from a perspective that is rarely seen or appreciated from the outside.

The arrangement of the images was organic, purposefully sorting the work into overlapping sections that combine to form a united visual presence, much like the city they depict. We would like to thank everyone that came through and supported, including but not limited to L.A. Taco, Desilu and Joe Segura (a.k.a. Joe Goblyn), Bloody Gums, and the rest. The city of Los Angeles has a strong community of film photographers out there putting in the work to represent our home correctly, thanks for the love.