Tyron Hug Interview

We got a chance to meet Tyron at this years L.A. Zinefest and we all hit it off pretty well. These days it’s pretty rare to meet someone who you interact with on Instagram in person, especially when they live on the other side of the world (in this case, Australia). We’re glad that he agreed to be interviewed and share some of his work, you can see the more of his photography on his Instagram (@t_hug).

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background.
Hi, my name is Tyron Hug. I am 35 years young from Perth on the west coast of Australia. I just got married recently to my beautiful wife, crazy dog person, working a 9 -5 and trying to get out and see as much as a I can with camera in hand.

How long have you been taking pictures? How did you get into photography?
Would be going on around 20 years now. My mum handed me down her Canon SLR which I used to take photos of my friends skateboarding. We would spend our whole weekends surfing/skating and I would always carry it with me and taking it to punk gigs. I actually still have the camera sitting on my camera shelf. This was also around the time I was in high school and I took the photography class, this was back when they gave you a film camera and you developed and processed everything yourself in the schools darkroom.

Your work seems to focus a great deal on the urban environment, how did your style of photography evolve into what we see today?
I grew up in a small coastal town 4 hours from Perth where there was not a lot going on. I would travel a lot to Perth to see punk shows and go skateboarding so I decided when I was 20 to move down. From there I started traveling and shooting not long after. I wanted to capture each city I visited in the realest way I could. I hate the idea of being a tourist and I never make plans. I have a rough hit list but generally I like to get lost and head to areas that most people wouldn’t go. I want to see the real life of these places and immerse myself as much as I can into the life of the city. When I am taking photos I like to blend in as much as possible without being seen by my subjects. Cities are constantly changing and evolving and there are so many different people and things that make the city what it is and I want to capture that in my work.

We all have different reasons for shooting film, what attracts you to the medium?
It is what I started out shooting so many years ago and I have just never given it away. I never felt the urge to cross over to digital. I love hitting up markets and thrift store and collecting different cameras to use. The overall aesthetic of film shots, the quirks, light leaks and there are so many different films you can shoot with that can completely change the story of your photo. The excitement of getting rolls back from the lab, just can’t be beaten. Like seeing someone out skating or with a punk shirt on, seeing someone else out shooting on film it immediately brings you together and connects you to different communities.

Tell us about the work you submitted. You created some great work in Los Angeles, tell us about your impression of the city and what it was like shooting here.
Thank you. This was actually my fourth time here but this latest trip I had a lot of time to explore the city and shoot more. LA is so huge and there are so many different cultures all mixing together. I stayed in a couple of different areas so I got to experience and see new spots which was great. I spent my first few days in downtown where I would just get out and walk all day exploring the neighborhoods around there or jumping on and off the metro. There was always so much different stuff to see, the Americana vibe, the Mexican influence, the graffiti it is all very appealing to my eye. Then there is the beach which has it’s own thing going on, from Venice to Newport there is just so much to see and so many different vibes going on. Even though I have been here a few times, each time I come I see something different but I always never hit all the spots on my list as it is just so big!

Any upcoming projects you would like to discuss?
Well just before I went to LA I organized a group film photo exhibition with some local photographers and friends where I showed some work from Japan. The opening night was a huge success and a really fun night. I am in the process of building and setting up my own darkroom which will be completed in the coming months. Once it is up and running I would like to put something together with this new work and tie in another group show. There is a lack of public darkroom facilities here in Perth so I am looking forward to being able to invite all the people I have met and become friends with through shooting film to use my space.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thanks so much for the interview. It was awesome meeting you guys at the LA zine fair. I love the work you are all doing so this was a real honour. If anyone is ever making it out to Australia, please hit me up!