Viviana Carlos Interview

Please introduce yourself to our audience. Tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from.

My name is Viviana, I’m 27 years old, I’m Mexican and currently I live in Orange County. I’m a visual artist specialized in photography, I build visual theories for our possible human condition.

How long have you been a photographer? How did you first get into photography?

Since I have memory I pay attention to visual details, I’m certain that those “skills” influenced later in my way to approach photography. I was 17 years old when I introduced myself into photography, I moved from Mexico to the US for the first time and now that I think about it, my curiosity towards photography could have been a response from that displacement. Then I decided to study visual arts, I moved back to Mexico and I graduated in 2014. I’ve been taking pictures for 10 years now.

I know you shoot both digital and film when creating your work. What are some of the reasons you choose to use film for certain projects/images?

I do have an inclination for analog black and white photography, for me it seems quiet and reserved and helps me concentrate more in my subjects or objects. My first contact with photography was analog, I worked in the darkroom and my first printed images and developed films were black and white, it helped me to study shapes, forms, shadows and how light behaves in general.

At the beginning of certain projects I have a pre constructed image in my head, either I draw it or I just put it on paper and describe it, that sets a precedent of what kind of medium I’m going to use. In some other occasions for certain projects I can make the first decision to start to shoot in color, but when I move forward to the editing process of the project I might decide to get rid of the color and just convert every single image to black and white, so it depends what kind of project is, what I am trying to express visually and how am I succeeding talking about the project by choosing color or grayscale.

What’s your film camera set up? Do you have a favorite film?

I always work on Manual. For black and white, Ilford is one of my recurrent films, I’ve never abandoned it, recently I’ve used Fomapan and I was very pleased with the final results. For this project I used Ilford and Fomapan.

Can you tell us a bit more about the project that you submitted?

It’s a project that I’ve been working the last two years, for the submission to Snapshot Galleria I selected only analog black and white images, but the project is not only black and white.

The narrative I’ve built around this project is about the communication an individual and its host environment maintain after arriving to a new place, the city participates as a transmitter and the individual as a receptor, the project focal point is an intimate adaptation process.

Are you working on any other photography projects that you would like to share?

Last year I started a very small photo essay about a Natural Burial Park in Texas, it was the first exploration I did about the subject and that has developed along with my interests to explore wider the theme of death.

Anything else that you would like to add?

It’s great to have this kind of initiatives and digital platforms to engage with film photography community and photo community in general, congratulations for your project and thank you for inviting me.

You can find more of Viviana’s work at her website: or on Instagram at @viviana_carlos