Volume 02, Issue 01: The Printed Page

This issue marks a milestone in the evolution on Snapshot Galleria, we’re incredibly excited to be debuting our first printed issue at L.A. Zine Fest 2016! After publishing 4 completely online issues last year (Volume 01) we all felt that it was important to keep building on the success of the project.

Photographs, especially those shot on film, are meant to be printed.

So in the same way we choose to shot film in a digital world, we also choose to print our work in the age of the digital display. Our first printed issue features work from 3 of our founding photographers: Luis Torres, Erwin Recinos, and myself (Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin). It’s 34 pages and 42 photographs of work that reinforces the straightforward, specifically L.A. born aesthetic that we share as a collective.

The gallery above is a very small sample of the photography from our upcoming zine, please come to the L.A. Zine Fest this March 6th at The Majestic in Downtown Los Angeles to purchase a copy in person. There will be other zines by our photographers for sale in addition to a few art zines. Visit http://lazinefest.com/ for more information on the event.