WhereAbout by Snapshot Galleria

Snapshot Galleria is proud to present WhereAbout, a zine about the concept of “home” in Los Angeles. One of the defining elements of Snapshot Galleria is the inherently different way we depict life in L.A. In an attempt to further explore that perspective, we decided to focus on a concept that is familiar to many but would highlight our wordlview. Each contributing photographer interpreted the theme in different ways: Erwin Recinos chose to give the world a behind the scenes look at his family life while Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin chose to focus on a particular time period in his past. Luis Torres explored what the concept of home means juxtaposed against the backdrop of the city itself.

Whereabout is going to be on sale at this years L.A. Zinefest (Sunday, May 28 at California Market Center located at 110 E. 9th St., Los Angeles 90079) at the Snapshot Galleria table. We will be selling our other personal zines too as well as copies of Neighborhood Studies, the first book release by contributor Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin. Hope to see you there!